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What you let go of in any moment is finite. What you can gain, what you can become by doing so is limitless. The stories you continue repeating about your past can keep you from living the full richness of now. Lovingly, peacefully let them go and let yourself be, here and now, with life’s abundance fully flowing. Feel the intense and magnificent freedom of living by choice, with purpose and love, in the moment that is. Delight in the opportunity to act, to create, to experience and to be. Choose to live from a perspective where fear, anger, resentment and worry have no relevance. See the remarkable value that is already yours, that is in you, that is here now for you to creatively live. Even the seemingly monumental concerns are trivial compared to the positive possibilities that are here now for you to allow. Let go of your need to strive against the problems, and let your life create so much new value that the problems are no longer problems. Now is here for you to make the most of, so joyfully allow yourself to do it. Live the richness of now, and bring great, new wonderful things to life.

ma sweet fuck’in office…

ma sweet fuck’in office…



 Whatever may come, you can handle. However this day may play out, you can bring new goodness and value to life. Set your goals, make your plans, and commit to your intentions. Then allow them all to unfold as they will. Many times the best, most effective way is not the way you originally envisioned. Be willing to learn, to adapt and to celebrate the many ways in which life can go your way. Remain committed to your intentions, and what seem to be setbacks are not really setbacks at all. When you are driven by authentic purpose, whatever may happen will surely and eventually lead to the fulfillment of that purpose. Live each moment with the confidence of knowing that you are heading in the direction you’ve chosen. Rise above the minor ups and downs, focused always on the positive purpose that pushes you ever forward. Today is another rich and fulfilling part of the journey. Embrace all that this day brings, and grow more peacefully confident with every moment.

"Sesuatu yang sulit itu harus kau jalani, agar menjadi lebih mudah. Kesulitan yang kau diamkan saja, akan menjadi lebih sulit.."

Something difficult that you have to live, so that it becomes easier. Difficulties that you do nothing, and will be more difficult ..

""Live good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time. - Hiduplah dengan baik dan penuh arti. Supaya kelak disaat Anda tua dan mengingatnya kembali, Anda akan menikmatinya kembali selama beberapa saat."

-Dalai Lama"

only me..dont judge me| capricorn| stubborn| simple| just u know, i'm everything u're not.



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